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Lose Weight and Keep It Off

In addition to eating right and exercising regularly, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool you can use in achieving your weight loss goals. For many people, their intentions are good, but they often lack the motivation needed to be successful when getting started. Here is how hypnosis can help:

  1. You will experience slow weight loss which is most healthy, and longest lasting.

  2. You will learn healthy eating to keep weight off permanently.

  3. You will find motivation for new habits that you will enjoy, like exercise and healthy foods.

  4. You will have a more positive self-image.

  5. You will remove the stress associated with losing weight.

  6. Your view of the weight loss process will change from negative to positive.

  7. Your increased confidence will help you become a new person.

People have weight loss issues for various reasons, however, the most common reason is stress. Most people are multi-tasking and trying to balance family and work. The time crunch, coupled with the fact that many people eat comfort foods when stressed, means obesity and weight gain.

Hypnosis can help. Studies show that cortisol is a major player in the body’s response to stress. Stress signals hormones to stimulate the adrenal glands, which also activates pleasure-seeking behaviors. To many, eating comfort foods – those that are high carb, high fat, high sugar, and high in empty calories – is a pleasure-seeking activity.

Hypnosis relaxes the stress drive, causing the brain to not crave comfort foods and overeating. Hypnosis is also used as a proactive tool to avoid overeating in the first place.

Hypnosis will help you achieve your weight loss goals by:

  1. Helping you get, and stay, motivated

  2. Change your food cravings to more healthy choices

  3. Ensuring that the subconscious doesn’t get in the way of your weight loss efforts

  4. Helps you recognize the difference between true hunger and emotional eating.

Weight loss over 25 pounds typically requires a medical referral to ensure there are no underlying health issues contributing to your weight gain or inability to lose weight. If you’re looking to bring positive changes into your weight, health, and emotional state, hypnotherapy could be the path to bringing you closer to your goal.

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