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Whole-listic Solution


(Mind + Body + Soul = Whole)

Finding the real U, holistic = realistic

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Meet Dr. Gill

Amandeep Gill is a distinguished functional and nutritional medicine practitioner, blending the wisdom of modern medical science with the holistic principles of Ayurveda. Born and raised in India, Dr. Gill's journey into the realm of healing began with medical education in Romania. After graduating, he returned to India where he practiced medicine, gaining valuable experience and insights into traditional healing methods.


Driven by a passion for advancing healthcare, Dr. Gill relocated to the United States, where he immersed himself in the dynamic landscape of the health industry for over a decade. During this time, he honed his expertise and explored innovative approaches to wellness.


Fueled by a desire to offer comprehensive and personalized care, Dr. Gill embarked on a transformative path, delving deep into the realms of functional medicine and Ayurveda. Drawing upon his roots in India and his extensive medical background, he embarked on a journey of research and self-discovery.


With a commitment to empowering individuals to reclaim their health and vitality, Dr. Gill now applies his unique blend of medical knowledge and holistic wisdom in his practice. By integrating cutting-edge diagnostics with time-honored Ayurvedic principles, he seeks to address the root causes of illness and promote lasting wellness.



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