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Whole-listic Solution


(Mind + Body + Soul = Whole)

Finding the real U, holistic = realistic

Billionaire Parenting Insight and Self-Help


This is not to replace a holistic or allopathic practitioners. Rather, it is for the layperson to use with a little training and be helpful; in many emergencies. These are simply glimpse of the Chiropractic First Aids Manual that Dr. Major Bertrand De Jarnette wrote in 1966. You can find the condences version at and Billionaire Parenting book has a almost endless resources of self-help for your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Dr. Stéphane Provencher aka Dr. Awesome at the Gainesville Holistic Health Center
Treating a symptoms/condition with Homeopathy is a great resources for treating a symptoms/condition. Type your symptoms and it will direct you to the most favorable Homeopathic remedy. If you need to order, our online store carries some.


Bioresonance/biofeedback can be useful. GHHC offer Qest4 MSA testing.


Start to feel sick?


Wholefood supplements are the safest and the closest to mother nature. Congaplex (R), from standard process, offer the "best" wholefood nutritional treatment for a cold/flu type symptoms. Simply take 3 tablets every hour for 3 hours, drop to 2 tablets for the next 3 hours and finally drop to 1 tablet for the next 3 hours (total of tablets taken of 18) for 1 day. The next day your symptom should be 75% better, if not please consult us!


Having an Organ issue?


Some muscles on your body are attributed to a certain organ(s) based on embryological development. For example, the left thenar pad can represent a heart challenge or hip flexor issue. The Left thumb web is a reflex for the Stomach. The right thenar pad is the pancreas reflex where the right thumb web represents the gallbladder embryological reflex. By rubbing these reflex, you will help the normalization of these organs.




By manipulating the soft-tissue of the throat side to side until the tissue stretch and relax and adding a firm pressure on the side of the cervical #5 until the tissues warms up, the cough will slow down. Repeat if necessary. Pressure are gentle but firm. Please consult your chiropractic SOT (R) specialist for more details.



Depending what allergens your are sensitive to, Allerpplex (R) & Antronex (R) from Standard Process are very effective. The Homeopathic remedy for each individual allergen will work very well also or a combination remedy might be better (Qest4 (MSA) can offer this last suggestion). FluNada worked like a charm for me and you can find it on Amazon.



Finding a tick on you might impact your health: Lyme disease. On the web, you will find many good ways to remove the tick without leaving the head inside your body and helping it spread the Lyme "bugs". Here are some nice tips:


1) To remove a tick you can use Melaleuca or Purification Essential Oil (Young Living)

2) After removing it, apply 1 drop of Lavender oil every 5 minutes for 30 minutes or more depending on the situation.


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Natural Remedies


Natural Ways to Balance your HORMONES!


Painful HEALTH Conditions




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