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 Craniopathy for Babies and Infants

Dr. S' specializes in Craniopathy, a gentle and effective treatment for babies and infants that addresses cranial bone misalignments and supports healthy development.


He also does organ therapy for babies and infants which involves gentle, non-invasive techniques to support the proper functioning and alignment of internal organs. This therapy can help alleviate issues such as digestive problems, colic, and respiratory difficulties by promoting natural balance and improving overall organ health.


If you're a lactation specialist or parent seeking solutions for your little one, you've come to the right place.


Benefits of Craniopathy for Babies and Infants


Craniopathy can significantly improve various conditions in babies and infants, including:


- Nursing/Latching Issues: Helps resolve difficulties in breastfeeding by aligning the cranial bones, improving the baby's ability to latch and nurse effectively.

- Reflux: Eases discomfort and reduces symptoms of reflux by addressing cranial misalignments that may affect the digestive system.

- TMJ Pain and Clicking: Corrects jaw misalignments that can cause pain and clicking, promoting better feeding and comfort.

- Head Shape and Facial Asymmetries: Treats conditions such as plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and other asymmetries, ensuring a balanced and symmetrical head shape.

- Colic and Fussiness: Alleviates discomfort and reduces episodes of colic and fussiness by improving overall cranial function and comfort.


 How Craniopathy Works


Craniopathy involves gentle, hands-on techniques to adjust the cranial bones, restoring proper alignment and function. Our doctor assesses the sutures (moveable joints) in the skull and the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord called the dura. Adjustments are performed by applying gentle pressure to the cranial bones in specific directions, often synchronized with the baby's breathing patterns.


 Why Choose Us?


- Expertise: Our doctor holds a fellowship in Craniopathy through the International Craniopathy Specialty, ensuring you receive the highest level of care.

- Gentle Approach: Our techniques are safe and gentle, specifically designed for the delicate structures of babies and infants.

- Holistic Care: We focus on the whole child, considering how cranial alignment affects overall health and development.


 Schedule Your Consultation Today!


If you’re a lactation specialist referring a baby or a parent seeking effective cranial treatment for your child, contact us today to schedule your consultation. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping your little one achieve optimal health and well-being through personalized care.

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