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The greater the love we discover in ourselves, the greater the love will reflect back to us from the environment through others. - Deepak Chopra, MD


"Since you are a man of applied science, thought you would appreciate some initial observations.


1. Appreciate the gentle adjustments.


2. First thing off the table - felt like I was floating (you said you'd seen this before).


3. Returning home that day, when I sat in my work/drafting chair for my standing desk, the chair was so Caddywhompus (technical term).


4. Was cognizant of maintaining the adjustment and the next morning walking down my hall to my desk, felt all crooked but believe was a Kirlian effect of now being straight.


One week observations:

During our initial meeting, I mentioned that while sleeping I had Level 3 pain when I turn over from side to side.

Hard to believe... however I have had NO LEVEL 3 PAIN while sleeping... been decades.


Affect on quality of life:
1. Slept through the

2. Possibility of not being guarded when I cough or sneeze.

3. Possibility of being able to travel once retired in a few years.


Just wanted to thank you"

-S. W.


"I was searching for a functional medicine doctor who was not only an expert, but someone who would truly partner with me in my healing journey.  I am so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Stephane as he has a very thoughtful approach in our conversations, and in testing and in-depth analysis.  He was able to navigate my unique needs and establish a lifestyle and wellness protocol to set me on my path.  Within a few weeks of starting the protocol, I experienced less fatigue, nausea, bloating, and brain fog.  "



Never did we think our newborn daughter would need chiropractic care, but after just our first visit with Dr. Stéphane Provencher, we will be recommending him to everyone with a new child! The before and after of her neck and hip mobility was night and day. Other symptoms we thought were completely unrelated were also resolved. Dr. Stéphane Provencher is an attentive and incredibly educated and experienced individual. We will continue bringing our family to him for many years to come.


Manassas, VA

If you’re ready to uncover the roots of your health challenges, RUN, don't walk, to GHHC and meet with Dr. Stéphane and his team of professionals.  While western medicine freely offers bandaids for symptoms with “a pill for every ill", GHHC leads you to understand the roots of your dis-ease and guide you to fundamental understanding of how to truly heal.  My switch to turning first to the holistic/functional medicine providers at GHHC boils down to the basic principal that if we want to change our lives, we have to be willing to change our actions, and in this case our approach to healthcare. 


A little background— My youngest daughter Jenna is 18 years old and has Down Syndrome. For many the words Down Syndrome may immediately and subconsciously convey a host of feelings and assumptions including the belief that the value of her contributions might be less, less than her sister, less than those with "greater intellectual skill". To this perspective, I offer the insight I have learned with her help—great wisdom and impact does not depend on vast knowledge.  As most parents do, I have undoubtedly taught Jenna many things in her 18 years; however, the fundamental impacts of the knowledge and wisdom I have learned from and because of Jenna have transformed my life in possibly the most critical and fundamental ways. Unquestionably, I have learned more important things from being her mom than she has learned from me.  One clear example--my health, and the health of my family, is exceedingly improved because of the information I have been led to learn because of her. 


Six years ago, I met Dr Stéphane for the first time in an unassuming location, a Harris Teeter strip mall next door to a Thai restaurant.  He had been recommended by a close friend, who truly believed he was a miracle worker.  Her son had a brain injury and couldn’t speak, walk, or move much at all, and Dr. S had helped them in powerful ways.  Maybe I was little desperate, looking for hope of some kind.  Clearly, I was inspired to make the call for our first appointment, perhaps in search of my own miracle or at least a change.  If I knew anything at that point it was that I trusted my daughter and her intuition in guiding whether this was the right direction. At that time, I knew almost nothing about the world of alternative medicine, chiropractors, craniopathy, functional medicine, etc. offered by Dr Stéphane.  At that point in my life I knew we were taking a leap of faith, a leap that Jenna pulled me through and needed me to take. 


Reflecting back over the last 6 years, I realize there has never been a time that I did not leave Dr. Stephane’s office feeling significantly healthier, happier, and maybe most importantly, more knowledgeable and confident about my health.  When I call for an appointment I immediately start to feel better, have reduced anxiety rooted in the confidence that I am now not alone in addressing my concern, and that together we will find the root of the issue and a effective way to move forward.  Dr. S and the staff at GHHC help me understand the root causes of dis-ease.  I have begun to understand the body’s miraculous ability to heal itself when we remove the obstacles that our frenzied lives and S.A.D. diets have inflicted.   I’ve learned that behind every ailment, there is almost always a connection to buried emotions, and when the spine and joints are aligned as designed, the pathways to our own healing will open.


Whether explaining the impacts of food or emotions on our health and well-being, facilitating chiropractic alignment, or employing a myriad of other tools at their fingertips, the team at GHHC is my first choice to meet my healthcare needs.  Not only do they have a wealth of information about our bodies and how to heal them, they do so with the compassion and connection of family.  GHHC has become my extended health care family.   


I have experienced nothing short of miraculous healing in my journey with GHHC.  From chronic lower back pain, to hiatal hernia, to anxiety, and everything in-between, I have experienced foundational healing.  And in the process, I have been equipped with a wealth of information for myself and my family to keep us on track for the future.  At GHHC patients are treated as family and supported to learn fundamentals tools to be healthier and feel better. 


My healthcare journey can be likened to the words of Robert Frost —

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I -- 

I took the one less traveled by, 

And that has made all the difference."


Gainesville, VA

MIRACLE WORKER! That's the best description I give you.

 I have been in pain for at least 8 years, I have seen multiple doctors who swore I would have to replace both of my hips and eventually my knees. There were days when I was in so much pain, I had to use a cane, then a walker and finally my husband had to help get up from a chair and even had to me dress myself.

 I have been on several different medications for pain and inflammation and all it has ever accomplished is slowing me down, feeling depressed and upsetting my stomach with all the garbage I was taking. 

 After the first visit I walked away with more mobility than I had had in years! and it was not even a painful process! (at the very least I expected it to be painful) but I walked out of the office standing straighter than I had in years, without limping. After just 3 appointments and a back brace belt that I wore for 3 weeks, I can walk at least 2 miles a day, I have started to run in the yard with my new puppy and 9 year old granddaughter, I'm twice as mobile, I have even had moments of spontaneous dancing in the kitchen with my husband! And perhaps most importantly, I can bend over and pick up my newborn granddaughter and walk her up and down the stairs rocking her to sleep without any fear of falling, tripping, or cramping up.


Thank you, Dr Stéphane, from the bottom of my heart you are a Godsend.


Bealeton, VA

I have been working with Rose as I transition into a new career, and I found future tracking to be a powerful motivational tool. Visualization techniques like this one have helped top athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders achieve their goals. I highly recommend contacting Rose for a peak performance consultation. She works with clients remotely or in person! 


Cambridge, MA

I have been working with Rose and it has honestly been changing my life! Most of our sessions have an EFT exercise to unwind me, calm me down, or “dig it out” of me. I  feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my chest (there is a lot in there).  Overall, I feel more grounded and like I “know myself better” and accept myself so much more. It is almost like she is untangling my emotional (subconscious) brain from my logical (conscious) brain so that I can be more efficient and in charge of my own life again. I am such a fan!


Centreville, VA

Hi Rose!

I just HAD to share that about 3hrs after my appointment I realized that my hip pain had been GONE! Amazed again, yet not surprised!


You’re good!

And I’m glad you found a home at GHHC!


Thank you.  


Gainesville, VA

Rose has helped me more than any other practitioner ever has when it comes to dealing with my anxiety and stress. She’s given me practical tools to use at home as well, such as EFT.


I’m so pleased to have met her, and grateful that she’s out there doing what she does.


Centreville, VA

Dr. Stephane has been absolutely phenomenal in the healing of my son. He is very kind, caring, has an amazing sense of humor, is highly knowledgeable and truly an expert in his field. I was very surprised by my son’s recovery within just a couple times of seeing Dr. Stephane. What has taken him years to overcome, took a couple of visits. My son started to do better in school, he was able to focus and process information more quickly and efficiently, he also was able to retain information that he learned, and became well-adjusted socially and emotionally. We are so thankful to Dr. Stephane and his wonderful staff for all of their hard work and effort in helping my son recover. Thank you, Dr. Stephane, for everything you do. You have truly been a healing miracle to my son and our family.


Gainesville, VA

I wanted to thank you for making yourself available to adjust my new born grandson who was born naturally but was having a hard time with hypoglycemia, bowel movements and weight gain. Immediately after you adjusted his spine and did a stomach organ manipulation all systems started to work wonderfully. The nurses recording the stats didn’t know the better and recorded the improvements. He began consuming his mother’s milk in large quantities and increased from his birth weight of 10 lbs 6 ounces. What appeared to be a normal birth, the hospital didn’t contemplate the stress of the natural birth on the young frame. Your appropriate manipulations were timely. Where perhaps rest might have also solved the issues naturally, the medical system wanted to push for faster responses with their pharmaceutical regiment. That would have put him on the wrong path. They released him from the NICU ahead of their projections by days. He continues to grow into a happy, healthy boy. He is now 3 months old.


Alexandria, VA

Jan. 24th 2019 I inhaled, held my breath and compressed my ribcage and depressed my shoulders. A stretch that always felt good. This time, all the muscles around my T-7 vertebra seized. It hurt so bad that trying to sleep it off turned into a panic attack. Next morning I walk into Dr.S' office. He taught me the “Upgrading The Brain” procedure. Told me which emotions are associated with the T-7 vertebra and how to isolate them and work on them using the method. I completed the process 3 times and I felt an internal shift within my subconsciously stressed state. I lay there for a while longer noticing the difference within and then I was able to sit up without fear (fear that my vertebra was going to launch out of my back). I did the process 3 more times with other outlying representations of the culprit emotions, and the muscles released!! They were very sore but the spasm had ended. I am deeply thankful for this process. It saved my spine. 6 days later I was squatting hundreds of pounds and swinging 60lbs kettle bells like joyful hyperactive teenager!


Gainesville, VA

I had suffered from terribly tight calves that made it difficult to walk. After one session with Richard, I was able to walk pain free for the first time in a very long time!


Gainesville, VA

I booked a session with Richard after a friend highly recommended that I try his massage. I'm so glad she did! I've never experienced a clinical massage before and was amazed at how my body felt during the session and for weeks afterwards, the healing benefits from his work really lasted. Richard was able to pick up on past injuries and overall was extremely intuitive during the session. By far the best massage I've received and I'll be booking many more in the future! 


Gainesville, VA

My son had pain around his tailbone FOREVER!!! After being adjusted by Dr. Stéphane it all went away! He was also amazed by how good he felt mentally and emotional after his visits. He must have said WOW a bazillion times after leaving his first appointment and even went so far as to say it was life changing...pretty hefty talk from a then 16yr old! We a baby arriving in August we’ll be starting early with her! 💙💜


Gainesville, VA

I came in to see Dr. Stéphane and afterwards Debbie and I'm, once again, so so thankful for a) you seeing me on such short notice and b) for your thorough discussions and assistance with eliminating my pain, once again. After I left your office I felt a million times better than when I came in and I have some "homework" to do, of course, but it's always good to dig into the emotions that cause these kinds of ailments.


I've been correcting my posture all day thanks to Debbie's wonderful suggestions as well and again, I'm truly grateful for your facility and the gifts you all offer!!


Much love and gratitude,


Gainesville, VA

I have grown up with the mentality of when health issues or a pain arise I need to go to the hospital. I have been seen at GHHC under Dr Stéphane care for now 3 years with minimal pain and health issues. However, I am writing to thank you for being available by email for addressing my fears and concerns about what some might call or self-diagnose Bursitis. The pain was borderline an ER visit but your input saved me that time of all that pharmaceutical and medical cost. The issue appears to be extremely tight groin and leg muscles. Thanks for the follow-up visit today.


Opal, VA

Thx Dr. Stephane. You are so generous and I am always grateful for your help. I am blessed to know you and as much as I love it here near Richmond, I do miss you being my doctor.


Richmond, VA

Deb recommended a seating posture for me and explained how my arms, knees, and back should be positioned when sitting.  I returned to the office and decided to completely modify my chair and was able to reach the posture she recommended.  It made a tremendous difference!  I used to really stress my middle back but now, with the new posture I can work longer periods of time and be more focused and productive.  I have also followed her recommendations for posture when driving and it has made a significant impact.  I used to get really stressed while driving because of the discomfort and pain.  Now while maintaining the recommended position, I feel more relaxed and have minimal pain. 

Thank you, Deb.  You are making a huge difference in my daily routines.


Bristow, VA

I am so much better than when I first walked into your center almost 4 months ago! I'm not 100% yet- but through following the protocols and maintaining my strict diet- I can say that most days I am 90😊. I sing your praises everywhere I go!


Gainesville, VA

It’s been over two weeks and has lost over 16 lbs. I have reduced my caffeine by over 50%. My brain fog is gone and I have more energy. My skin and hair is not as oily as it uses to be. I also believe that my overactive bladder is under control even though my water intake has increased. I got off my Acid Reflux medication on day two and only wished I hadn't when I drink coffee on an empty stomach. I feel that I am getting to the point that I do not need a very large meal.


Looks like the toxins wanted to leave through my scalp. I guess I either scratched to hard (itchy scalp) or my dandruff worsened. I had dandruff now for over 8 months. Four bad days of the sugar flu but now it’s gone. Body inflammation is still present. I have increased headaches. Note: I use to have one headache once every two months or so and now it is around 4 a week. Ear ringing is same if not louder which is possibly due to an ear infection. Athlete’s foot is same and I was surprised that I had a flare-up yesterday.


I have not cheated except for the "Five Hour Energy" drinks on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday mornings. Those are the days I skipped my coffee. Due to the fact of my large meals and finances I have increased my intake of sausage. i have tried to stay away from the Nitrates, MSG, and Corn Syrup. One occasion I had a sausage with corn syrup which I believe did not sit well with my stomach. MSG comes in different names and got me a few times. I do not like the way it affects me. I did have a Chipotles Bowl and included the vegetables and rice. My stomach got really twisted. The water with lemon and Sea Salt had to be stopped on the days at work that I would be away from the bathroom. It worked like a clock for I had 90 minutes before I had to use the facilities.


Eggs might be a factor with me and I will be testing that issue by separating my coffee with my eggs.


I would love to start eating cheese, coconut flour and anything else that you recommend. I bought the stuff I needed to test my blood but have not done so due to the food I am eating has not affected my heart rate. (Except for msg and chipotles). Protein has been my friend. Think I am ready for the next stage.


Thank you for your help,


Gainesville, VA

My experience being a patient of Dr. Stéphane Provencher has been immensely rewarding and refreshing. I have received valuable information from Dr. Stéphane about the connection the human body has to the nervous system. I have also observed the amazing gift he has of helping people and their live in all ways mentally, physically and spiritually.


I was in a car accident and had a neck strain. I started going to physical therapy and started receiving my treatment from Dr. Stéphane. I had no idea what I was in for and also I really had no idea how in depth Chiropractic care is to the human body. I had this idea that it was just bone-cracking treatments and that was all to it.


During an appointment for an adjustment, I informed Dr. Stéphane that I was having knee pain that wouldn't go away and he explained that it was the nerve going to my pancreas and how it reflex to the knee. He applied pressure point massages for my pancreas and gave me supplements for my pancreas. To my amazement the pain subsides. I was so astounded; I couldn't stop speaking about the whole experience to my friends and family.


I don't know what I would have done or if I would have received the treatment from another doctor but I am very grateful to have Dr. Stéphane as my physical therapist/Chiropractor. I tell people who I come across of Dr. Stéphane because I have seen how great he is and how much he has helped improve my life. With all my heart, I want to thank you, Dr. Stéphane.


Gainesville, VA

I went in to work with her hoping to help my hip flexor. I came out not only with so much weight lifted off my right hip but also breathing like never before. Who knew some light work with my psaos could make daily routines such as walking, sitting etc bare able ! Even my neck has so much rotation that used to be restricted by pain!

Thank you Dr. S for your addiction to learning and healing. You and your team make such a difference to our community.


Fairfax, VA

Our son has been seeing Dr Mason regarding attention and school-related issues. She has been doing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), along with him taking an herbal complex to re-train his brain in order to regain focus in school. In juts one month, his grades have really improved, even in his hardest subject. All of his teachers noted that he has been doing very well and has been more motivated in class. I would also like to note that his teachers were not aware that he was using herbs or doing CBT. This improvement has occurred all while under Dr. Mason's care. We are very pleased with his progress and are very grateful for all of Dr Mason's help and expertise. He really enjoys his sessions with her.


Gainesville, VA

Ever since coming here and discovering the philosophy of Dr. Stéphane Provencher’s Gainesville Holistic Health Center (GHHC), I cannot say enough as to how much better I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually and more importantly the fact that they helped with the discovery of my daughters Lyme disease.  She is now undergoing IV treatments for Lyme because it is in a much later stage. My wife was the one who actually discovered GHHC after doing some research on local Holistic Healing places of practice.  Dr. Stephane has been awarded best Chiropractor in Gainesville for the last few years.

Being a strong believer all my life that the body can heal itself with the right set of environmental circumstances and sometimes supplements, I have practiced eating healthy, exercising and getting the proper nutrition and sleep. The whole Bioresonance system (Qest4), a diagnostic system that detects different types of issues through the evaluation of the energy fields that the human body is made up of was a real awakening to me as to how far science has come. This is a system that is very common in Europe but not so much in the United States, but is rapidly catching on.


What I couldn’t believe that the Qest4 system was able to do was to pick up the strengths to the weaknesses of my physical, emotional, digestive, mental, and any other state that the body is comprised of. The practitioners are very courteous and knowledgeable as far as the results of the Qest4 system and helping you to define your next step to correcting your weaknesses.


Having been diagnosed with Lyme also, (but not nearly as severe as my Daughter), the biofrequencies (homeopathy) of the use of the hourly remedy has helped me to remove my Lyme Babesia and is on the way to eliminating my other Lyme co-infection Borrellia.  Borrellia is the predominate co-infection as far as I have read and is the hardest to eliminate. Even though it has taken several months it has been working to help me on other parts of my personal psyche.


Along with the Bioresonance system, GHHC offers Dr. Stéphane Provencher’s Chiropractic services which he is quick and accurate to perform. He helped me with correcting my existing current issues and my long time chronic issues. He is very good at explaining his analysis of his assessment of your own personal set of circumstances, whether it is good or bad, he will explain how to resolve it with a schedule. 


There are two chiropractors at the center and they offer a number of different classes and information on the human body such as bioresonance, rife, thermography, spiritual , meditation, workshops, massage, -chakra, lyme, nutrition, GAPS, homeopathy, and holistic Yoga.  Everyone on the staff has been very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. They also offer use of their massage chairs with educational programs on the human psyche so if you plan ahead, you can usually get in a good 30 minute massage and education before being seen!!!  



Chris F.

Purceville, VA

It all started about four years ago, when I had to make sure I had some other food in my stomach before I could eat or drink anything that had dairy in it.  After that, my health seemed to go downhill.  I would have horrible headaches for weeks at a time even though I would drink water all day, every day.  Within about two years, I had to stop eating dairy all together.  I thought I started to feel better after that, but I was wrong.  Slowly, I had to start testing foods to figure out whether or not it was “safe” for me to eat.  About a year ago, I went to the doctor and they put me on pills for acid reflux without even running tests.  I tried telling them that something else was wrong and that I know it was not just acid reflux.  They put me on acid reducing pills before each meal that I ate.  The doctor said, “Come back in about a month if you don’t notice a change.”  They seemed like worked at first, but quickly everything went from bad to worse.  I ended up at the point of just eating rice, plain meat, salad, and strictly water.  It did not matter whether or not I ate because I would have the same outcome… achy body, bloating, feeling lightheaded and not being able to focus on anything, and weak.


At the end of August of 2014, I met (a now close friend) Cindy, who told me about Gainesville Holistic Health Center after I informed her about what was going on with my self.  She told me about the Bioresonance and how Dr. Stephane would help me with everything.   I was willing to try anything at this point that was outside of the western medicine, especially since growing up, we were not a very big medication oriented family.  Thinking about how the Bioresonance worked, I was really fascinated, and yet of course, made me kind of skeptical of what it could really do.  In September 2014, I had scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Stephane and the Bioresonance.  I met with Dr. Stephane, ran the Bioresonance test, and turns out it picked up the frequencies of Lyme’s Disease (present for at least 5 years), a huge amount of bad parasites and bad bacteria and bad yeast in my stomach, lots of mold in my system, and many food sensitivities.  Dr. Stephane then told me how we were going to tackle everything and asked if I was okay with him helping me.  I of course said, “Yes!”  He then assured me that I was going to be ‘okay’ and that I would feel better.  I had never heard those words from any doctor before, and from that moment on I knew it was the place that I needed to be.  After one week, I was feeling like a new person.  I was not getting frequent headaches and my body wasn’t as achy.  I knew I had to stick with it, because this was my answer to feeling better.  About eight weeks after I started, my Lyme frequencies were completely gone.  After that, we started focusing on my inside issues with the Bioresonance and Chiropractic portion and my life only got better.


I wish I would have found Dr. Stephane and Gainesville Holistic Health Center many years ago, because I feel like a completely different person than I did even a few weeks ago.  I’m so thankful for GHHC because I cannot imagine feeling like I did ever again.   My life turned around when I started coming here and I would not trade it for anything.  Dr. Stephane and the whole rest of the Gainesville Holistic Health Center group are some of the nicest and heart-warming people I know and I am so thankful to have found them.   They have saved my life and I will never be able to thank them enough for that.  It is only up from here…

Melissa R.

Warrenton, VA

As far back as I could remember I’ve had ADHD symptoms.  Growing up, I struggled with school work and with peer interactions.  It was hard for me to connect with people because I was always in my own little world.  When I was an adult I went on medication and although it made the symptoms better when the medication was working, when the meds wore off I was even more sluggish and “out of it” than ever before.   The longer I was on medication the stronger the dosage I needed.  There countless side effects and there was the overall feeling of NEEDING the medication to function. 


Dr. Stéphane did a thorough chiropractic and cranial examination and explained the link between the structure and my symptoms. Prior to Dr. Stéphane’s chiropractic and craniopathy adjustment, I was on medication for over 10 years and I thought that I was going to be on it the rest of my life.   With one adjustment I was immediately able to stop taking my medication the next day.  It is like all of my side effects were magically gone.  I am forever thankful to Dr. Stéphane and his treatment.  There is a sense of freedom that I now have.  I don’t always have to worry about if I’ve taken my meds anymore.  I don’t have to think about if I’m about to run out and I don’t crash when my meds start to wear off.  I am free even after 2 months!


Fairfax, VA

For years, I had been struggling to find a resolution to some emotional issues that I had dealt with since childhood. I first encountered GHHC Team at the Natural Living Expo where a practitioner performed a short Emotional Clearing Session. After just 20 minutes, I was amazed at how calm and serene I felt in the middle of the chaotic expo. However, days afterwards, I just seemed to feel better all the time. And life just started to seem like it was coming together for me. In other words, things just started to flow. I thought to myself 'Wow, if 20 minutes is helping me feel this good, I wonder what an hour will do?' So I scheduled a full session. They counseled me both before and after the clearing session. It was amazing. The answer I had been searching years for just came to me as she talked. And the emotional strength and peace of mind that followed days afterwards was amazing. I was able to deal with emotionally difficult things without angst, and it was much easier to just let things go. With the insight and work GHHC provided me things just started to "click" into place for me.


My follow up appointment was with Dr. Stéphane. This too was an amazing experience. Although I was only seeking closure for one major issue, I received closure, direction, and a greater understanding of 3 issues. I can't recommend the Gainesville Holistic Healing Center enough. I will definitely be going back.


Gainesville, VA

Christopher has seen a reduction in the sleep apnea that he has suffered from for more than 15 years. With further treatment he is confident that he will soon be free of the affliction. He is already sleeping far better than he has for years and awakening refreshed and not exhausted. His neck which other chiropractors have referred to as "jammed" is now moving freely and he is suffering from less headaches. The Bioresonance has helped him completely of his Lyme disease and he has more energy.  


Charlie would have suffered for the rest of his life from the fall a few weeks ago. The amount of damage that it caused threw him into a temporary sleep apnea issue, grinding teeth, and neck and headaches not typical for an active 3.5 year old. Although we force a few more appts before he is completely corrected, we can see the improvements and he wants to go see Dr S and Dr Greg because "they make him feel better!"


I have been able to eat for the first time in almost 12 years without the obstruction in my esophagus causing me to throw up 1-2 meals per day - every day. It is a miracle that i can go through a meal without having to leave the table, causing a disturbance in everyone else's meal. My neck, weakened from an accident in 1998 is stronger than it has been since before the accident. I have seen many many chiropractors in that time and have never had the results that i have experienced since beginning treatment at Gainesville Holistic. The entire structure of my back is stabilizing and i am now able to do things that i have not been able to physically do in years. At 46, that is equal to giving me back my life! We will continue to try to bring others to your practice.


Thank you is not enough! We look forward to a working relationship for years to come.

T.M. & Family

Gainesville, VA

I came to see Dr. Stéphane because one of my friends really recommended him for his honesty and is great work. Two month before my first visit with him, I went to the hospital because of extreme (vaginal) bleeding. The doctor never found what it was and told me that they would call the following week which they never did. Dr. Stéphane did an exam and figure that the vertebra in my low back was misalign and he did some reflexes work and other magic. I stopped bleeding that day. I came a few times afterward and every time it was bleeding, Dr Stéphane was able to make it stop after the treatment. I was doing very well for a month of not seeing him and it started again. I came back and he was able to reduce my pain and the bleeding but I decided to go to the hospital again with his recommendation. It turned out that I have a cancer. Thank you so much for your good care.


Springfield, MO

I first came to his office three weeks ago because I thought my kidney was failing. It has been four days that I wasn’t able to “pee”. Only some dripping was coming out. I saw Dr. Stéphane and he did a thorough examination and also fined that the nerve from the spine going to the kidney was involved. He did some blocking and reflexes and told me: You might go to “pee” a lot tonight” which I chuckle and said it will be good. He was right! I went home and peed. It wasn’t perfect but we were on the right direction. It took about four treatments so I can pee like normal. Now I am seeing him once a week and don’t have any difficulty anymore.


St Louis, MO

In the summer of 2013, I was in a phase of having vivid nightmares every night. I began to dread going to bed because of the dreams. Eventually, I had a dream with an uplifting theme that shook me even harder than the nightmares. 


I emailed Yvonne at 1:07 am that night. I shared the basic themes and plots of six recent dreams. She replied the next morning at 11:00 AM.    The interpretation she wrote for the first nightmare brought me to tears as she began revealing that what I feared in the dream was harmless and nothing to be frightened of. 


She solved the fears of each nightmare and revealed that my creativity was trying to get my attention. By the time she got to the uplifting dream that inspired me to write to her, it seemed as though she had known me throughout my life. Not in a psychic way like she knew where and what I ate for breakfast, but more in a spiritual way that allowed her to know that I had denied my Spirit and now my Spirit was asking for time to lead me into a healthier direction in life. 


  I have emailed Yvonne several times since and she has consistently revealed inspiring and realistic messages from my dreams. She does not need to know details of the lives of those asking her for help. She is able to feel Spirit inside of us and energy all around us.



In 2007 I lost the right side of my eye sight. I went to the doctors and did all the testing and imaging. They saw that my optic nerves were damage but didn’t know what to do for it and how to help me. I also was suffering with asthma a long part of my life. Usually, acupuncture keep me in good shape for a good three months. I came to see Dr. Stéphane because of my low back. I fell and hurt it. I went to two different chiropractors which didn’t give me any relief. After his examination he started to treatment me. My back fell so good under his block. He also adjusted the vertebra that goes to the lung for my asthma he told me. The most incredible thing was when he asked me to close my good eye and asked me to read something with my bad eye. I don’t see I told him. He gave me a piece of paper and did something with my head and I was able to read again. He pushed again and it turned blurry and dark and pushed again and I was able to read. It was incredible. Now I know that I have hoped to use my two eyes again. Thank you Dr. Stéphane.


St Louis, MO

He is just excellent. I was in complete and total pain hunched over. I could hardly move yesterday and today, I’m walking around just fine and no pain so he is very good at what he does. He is very gentle. I’ve heard people have experiences with chiropractors that it’s very painful but his treatments are extremely gentle but very effective. The office itself doesn’t look like a regular doctor’s office. They also sell some health food and health food supplements and the waiting room is full of massage chairs and there’s always educational videos playing about some expected health. He is very much an alternative practitioner though. Despite the fact that he is clinically trained, I think he has kind of a distress of sort of standard medicine that involves antibiotics and vaccination and stuff so that’s his leaning but of course I only see him for chiropractor. I’ve never had a problem with their availability. As a new patient, I was able to get in within just a few days. It’s a great place. Their communication is almost too much. They send me letters and e-mails. They are very good about it and they are always sending something educational. Their billing and administration is marvelous. They take most major insurance companies. All I ever do is pay copay.

Kelly S.

Gainesville, VA

I would like to write a testimonial on the wonderful experience I have each time. A few years ago when my neighbor told me who she was going to for chiropractic treatment, I made an appointment for my back and shoulder pain. Also GHHC was the first ever to not do X-rays! With the holistic approach of the Center the experience is just amazing in itself. My right knee a year later was bothering me, this I did not mention but Dr. Stéphane said to me "your knee hurts doesn't it" I was amazed! and he adjusted  that too! (I did not know a knee could be adjusted!).  My shoulder and back pain resolved with his care and exercises prescribed. It amaze me to see a chiropractor also treating organ reflexes and pushing on your skull in order to relieve pain or pressure in other area of your body. He really understands the human body!
I visit GHHC to be adjusted or attend one of the numerous workshops your center offers in such a wide variety of subjects. I have been seen by Gina, the center nutritionist, and also attended some of her numerous free workshops about nutrition, food and Kombucha (enzyme and probiotic) drinks.

SkyWolf is a soul healer as far as I am concerned. He is a shaman with rituals and stones and may other sacred artifacts. I have attended his workshop and brought many co-workers and friends to the GHHC family in Gainesville.


Jennifer has done spiritual healing on me in a safe peaceful environment. Her emotional clearing technique helped me uncover multiple emotional blockages. She used the energy psychology cutting edge. What an experience!


I pass on the e-mails to co-workers and friends each time a new GHHC event is presented to me. With the free clinic classes to help with health issues and other holistic subjects, is truly being a rainbow in someone's cloudy day.

Suzi C.

Fairfax, VA

I began seeing Dr. Stéphane for some chiropractic adjustments shortly after the birth of my second child. I had seen chiropractors in the past, but never continued on a regular basis.


Dr. Stéphane is the best! He has a wonderful bedside manner. He gave me a thorough evaluation, and explained in great detail what was causing my discomfort, as well as the plan to get me feeling better. He sent me home with notes and diagrams of our conversation so I could review it after our appointment. I learned that some of the energy blocks could be related to old emotions in need of release, so I also saw a woman in his office for a session in emotion wellness.


Overall, this office is extremely professional. I love the massage chairs and reading material available while you wait for the appointment. The staff is very knowledgeable on cutting edge alternative therapies. I highly recommend Gainesville Holistic Health Center

Lauren V.

Warrenton, VA

I first met Dr. Stéphane when he was still in Bristow. At that time, I didn't know what to expect. I've been through a number of chiropractors before including many visits to the VA so I was a little skeptical of any positive results. Soon after his questions I realized that this was going to be a different treatment. And fee minutes into the exam he knew all of my back problems. More importantly, he was preparing a strategy on how to address the issues he had found. I remember saying to him that I've never had a treatment like this before. When he moved to another office location I moved along with him. When he moved again to what is now known as the Gainesville Holistic Center, I moved there with him too. When he told me that some of his patients traveled 8 hrs to see him I knew why. He is very good at what he does. I remember previous chiropractors adjusting every bone in my body because they didn't know how to fix only what needed to be fixed. Dr. Stéphane is totally different. One day he only adjusted my ankle because everything else was fine and in its place. I could give other numerous examples. Not a single time have I been disappointed. Now I see Dr. Stéphane occasionally when I have a stiff neck or something else feels off. It would be very hard to another doctor to treat my problems. He also has a good sense of humor and so that makes the visits more enjoyable too. You can tell that he does it out of love. I wish him nothing but good health because people without him will be in big trouble. Thank you Dr. Stéphane! And yes, I would still write on your medical uniform that you are the BEST Doctor of Chiropractic in NOVA!


Nokesville, VA

He is great and always has a lot of information since he does not just do chiropractic but is holistic.  He does sacro occipital technique which is an old technique that is abbreviated SOT which really helps with the adjustments.   He is a lot more helpful than a regular chiropractor and his techniques especially the SOT which people can do a search for if they see that listed like I have done in the past while looking for chiropractors.  He does not just do adjustments but works with the muscle which is the sacro technique and in this way all the bones are connected.  His office does not look like other chiropractors offices since he does other things and has massage chairs just inside entrance that makes it look different.  For me having gone to this kind of heath care provider when I was younger, I would rate him highly.  He is a very funny person and his billing and administration is good to work with.

D. T.

Leesburg, VA

I was suffering of extreme headache, GI problem and anxiety. After going to multiple chiropractors, medical doctors and specialist nobody was able to help. I was suffering so much I just wanted to die. 


But Dr. Stephane gave me hope and after the first treatment my life came back and I was living again! He did his assessment. We spent about 1 hour. He did chiropractic, craniopathy, Asyra Pro, kinesiological testing that I have never seen before with others. Before treatment me, he gave me a summary of his findings and asked me if he could treat me. I was blowed away since every doctor always DID and never asked my permission. Pain went down from a 10/10 to a 2.

Linda B.

Bristow, VA

When I first saw Dr. Provencher I was suffering from chronic inflammation and pain in my knees. Although I was exercising regularly and following a physical therapy routine to help my knees, I just couldn’t seem to relieve the constant pain.


After an evaluation, Dr. Provencher determined some weakness in certain muscles related to my knee issues and started me on a series of fairly simple exercises, which resulted in a dramatic reduction of my knee pain. I’m now encouraged that my pain is more muscular than arthritic and will continue to pursue this approach to resolving my knee pain.


Thank you Dr. Stéphane


St Louis, MO

Thirty three years ago I suffered a serious military parachute accident; resulting in  significant lower extremity orthopedic and neurological injuries. In November 2012, my lower back pain (bulging L4/5 disc) flared up and I barely was able to walk. I was referred to Dr. Stéphane Provencher. He successfully treated my misalignment in the lower back and pelvic area. Utilizing SOT(R) Method and chiropractic Craniopathy, he was able to alleviate the radiating pain in my leg. Furthermore, the weakness and my cold leg was restored to close to perfect. It was the first time I was able to feel warmth in my leg for more than 30 years. I trust his "medical" care 100% and his outlook to holistic care!


Piedmond, VA

I was in a car accident about 15 years ago. We were T boned on the passenger side where I was sitting. I thought I was OK but 6 weeks later I literally went down to my knees and could not walk upright. Somehow I was put in touch with Dr. Stéphane Provencher who took over my care and diagnosed that I had a spondylolithisis of the 4th and 5th lumbar. I was treated for quite some time with very good results. My job puts a strain on my back, and over time the injured area progressively worsened. I had surgery in 2003 to repair stenosis of the spinal cord and laminectomy. That gave some relief. I was not living in the area at the time of the surgery and was not receiving the SOT care that I did when I lived here (which works extremely well for me). I returned a year ago and had been in pain 24/7 for the past two to three years.


An MRI showed the third lumbar to be out of alignment. I met Dr. Stéphane Provencher who took on my care and started working with me with not only SOT but also with nutritional supplements and eventually going to the neurosurgeon with me so that we were all on the same page as to my care before and after surgery. I have come through a very successful surgery and recovery thanks to the care I received at the clinic before, at the hospital, at home and now. I am not in pain and have resumed my life. My quality of life is wonderful now. I continue to get m y "tune ups" several times a month. I am a firm believer in SOT. I thank everyone at the clinic for seeing me through a very tough time. I have recommended a number of people and will continue to do so as I feel I am a walking testimonial of what good chiropractic services and SOT can do for you!!


Gainesville, VA

I have acute intermittent porphyria and Fibromyalgia. Like anyone who has struggled with an obscure, debilitating illness year after year, I was grateful when I found doctors who could tell me why I was sick. In the end, however, a diagnosis is only so much without an effective treatment. Essentially, the treatments I was receiving were to prevent me from dying. And it was working. I was bedridden (due primarily to exhaustion and muscle weakness) and confined to a wheelchair (which I still fell out of sometimes because I was too weak to hold myself up), but undead. By the time a friend recommended Dr. Stéphane Provencher, I had all but accepted that this undead state was the best I could hope for.


Although I'd received chiropractic treatment before, I'd never heard of SOT. It sounded different enough from anything else I'd done that I thought it might be worth a try. Best case scenario, I imagined, I'd have some pain relief, a little more energy, and maybe be able to sit up longer before my muscles gave out on me. I showed the information to my primary physician who was familiar with SOT and agreed I might benefit from it.


On the way to my appointment, I passed a highway herbicide spraying site and had a severe porphyria attack. (The symptoms of such an attack are extreme nausea, dizziness, seizure-like activity, headaches, muscle pain and weakness and mental confusion/disorientation.) In my experience, the only treatment that could stop an attack of that degree was a dextrose IV. I decided to go ahead with the appointment, intending to have an IV administered as soon as I got home.


By the time I got to the clinic, I couldn't even sit up in my wheelchair. I waited for my appointment lying in the waiting room. At the beginning of the appointment, I was unable to complete some on the preliminary tests because I couldn't stand up for more than three seconds.


When my first treatment was over, I was experiencing a significant decrease in pain, which was more than I had expected so soon. What I hadn't expected at all was that my porphyria attack stopped. I was able to sit upright in my wheelchair with no difficulty; my headache, seizures, and disorientation were gone, and my nausea had subsided enough that I was able to eat a meal. On the way home, the same site that had triggered the attack earlier now only triggered mild nausea that was easily treated with oral glucose intake. I never had an IV that day after all.


Over the next few days, I noticed an increase in energy. I could walk short distances with my walker without falling, and I could sit upright for several minutes without collapsing. By my next appointment, two days later, I was able to stand without support for the necessary thirty seconds. After my third treatment, I was still using a wheelchair for long distances but was walking unaided around the house. During the first three weeks of the study, I only fell once. Before that, I'd consider myself lucky if I only fell once in a day.


At my sixth appointment, I walked unaided. I didn't take a single fall.


Naturally, there have been some ups and downs, but my overall condition is steadily improving. My fibomyalgia pain is practically non-existent. Porphyria attacks are milder and less frequent. I only use my walker for long distances, never around the house anymore. Many days I don't use a wheelchair at all, even for things like grocery shopping. I'm able to do little things around the house that I haven't done for years – load and unload a dishwasher, put away laundry, make simple meals. For the first time, it seems unreasonable NOT to expect my health to keep improving.


If I had read this testimonial a few months ago, I would have thought, "That's nice that it helped her, but for me it would just be one more dead end." But maybe, after giving it some thought, I'd have decided it was worth a try. I'm glad that's exactly what I did

Amy A.

City, State

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