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Whole-listic Solution


(Mind + Body + Soul = Whole)

Finding the real U, holistic = realistic

Can't Travel to Gainesville Virginia? You can still do TeleHealth with our Team

Gainesville Holistic Healt Center is happy to work with clients who do not live in the Gainesville Virginia area. Many people fly in from different states and parts of the world to establish care and enjoy the full spectrum of care. Dr. Stéphane and the GHHC team are able to order diagnostic tests for these patients, as well as diagnose conditions and suggest alternative, comprehensive and holistic treatment. Patients may be required to come in to the office at least once a year to continue care, but interim visits may be conducted by phone.

Not everyone, however, has the means or ability to travel to Gainesville, Virgina, yet Dr. Stéphane and the GHHC Team’s wisdom and skillset may still be of service. If you truly can’t travel to see Dr. Stéphane and the GHHC team in person, a remote consultation might be the next best thing.

Remote consultations (telemedicine/teehealth appointments) are not a substitute for in-person care, however, and by law the GHHC may not be your physicians/practitioners, order diagnostic tests, prescribe drugs, or diagnose you with any condition without seeing you in person first. Dr. Stéphane and the GHHC team can, however, chat with you by phone or web to discuss your health concerns, set health goals, and answer your questions about various conditions, lab tests, and protocols.

Consultations with the GHHC team are typically information-packed and inspiring, and are often a wonderful adjuvant to local care provided by a primary care physician or other specialist.

SCHEDULE A REMOTE CONSULTATION by calling 571-248-0695 or email us at

NOTE: We will be able to use “phone or Skype” for the appointment if you prefer not to travel to the office.

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