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Dr. Awesome EMF Action Plan Checklist

Check out the EMF Action Plan Checklist below to make sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your family from dangerous and disruptive EMF.

* The Total Elimination of all Radiation is absolute BEST!

Easy, Free, or Really Cheap

  • Shut off your TV and/or computer after dark, or use Gunnar/OpticRa/UVEX or similar glasses to filter blue light. ( – this company has tested their glasses with an expensive device which is on Dr S’ wish list to buy and is the only recommended company by Dr. Jack Kruse MD)

  • Limit the metal on your body (underwire bras, any metal jewelry) because it acts a conductor of EMF.

  • We have a special discount for existing GHHC patients with Dr. McClure DDS (dentist) at $99 instead of $400, call our office for more details (

  • Get an inexpensive timer for your Wi-Fi modem so it turns off at night Or cage it! A Bit More Effort and Money

  • Get a good EMF Trifield Meter to measure for dirty electricity. MEASURING your living place will give you an idea of what to start doing and your spending capacity!

  • Invest in some filters for each room of your home. Check out options for your home size here. or

  • Avoid dimmer switches or keep them on high: avoid WHITE light with blue spectrum in it (this means you will need to invest in LED light like this one and the risk of flickering is HIGH - better than regular LED and Halogen light however I would recommend incandescent light or RED light :

  • Find out if you have a SMART Meter installed by the power company, and if so, get a guard:

  • Blushield also offers great resources to protect your space. Dr. S' had LifeSrouce company tested his office with these device in GHHC to find out that we were very low in radiation. The Specialist was impressed:

  • Put a timer on your Wi-Fi modem, keep it turned off on kids’ phones, and increase your data plan so you rarely need it.

  • Put your phone in airplane mode at night, and/or charge it out of your bedroom.

  • Blue Shield also offers great resources to protect your space. Dr. S had LifeSource company tested his office with these devices in GHHC to find out that we were very low in radiation. The Specialist was impressed:

  • Get grounding pads or sheets for your bed (, which helps put your chaotic frequencies into the ground, where they belong.

Counteracting the EMF

If you have any other questions or find new websites or information please feel free to send an email to Dr. S’ at

Thank you

With Infinite Love and Gratitude

Dr S' aka Dr. Awesome

Stéphane Provencher Ph.D., D.C., D.I.M./I.M.D., D.N.M., D.H.S., P.Sc.D., F.I.M., F.A.M., F.H.H., F.I.C.T., F.I.C.S., B.C.A.M.P., B.C.H.H.P., B.O.I.M., D.I.C.S., C.H.C., C.L.P.H.C. Whole-Listic, Functional & Quantum Integrative Specialist GHHC | Integrative and Collaborative Health Center | 571-248-0695

Lifestyle Prescription™ Faculty, LP Health Coach and Practice Certified ; ;

Author of Billionaire Parenting: Give Your Kids the World Author featured among Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Louise Hay and more America’s STAR Entrepreneurs & Leaders and Legends of America

Speaker, Instructor, Chiropractor and International Life Coach Chairman of Research and Instructor for SORSI

Doctor in Chiropractic - DC PhD in Integrative Medicine - PhD Pastoral Science& Medicine Doctorate - PScD Integrative Medicine Doctor - IMD/DIM Doctor in Natural Medicine - DNM Doctor in Humanitarian Services - DHS Fellowship in Integrative Medicine - FIM Fellowship in Alternative Medicine - FAM Fellowship in Holistic Health - FHH Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy - FICT (cond) Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner - BCHHP Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner - BCAMP Board Certified in Integrative Medicine - BOIM Fellowship in Chiropractic Craniopathy - FICS Diplomat in Chiropractic Craniopathy - DICS Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach - CLPHC Certified Homeopathic Consultant - CHC Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner - CKTP

latest update: 3-21-2020

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