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How Hypnotherapy Can Help Kids

girl in highschool

Focus and Concentration

They’re paying attention...but to the wrong thing! Hypnosis can help your child pay attention in class by helping calm any anxiety or stress around their coursework. Sometimes a child is having trouble concentrating on a particular class because they don’t feel confident in that area.

Ever notice how your child or teen seems able to concentrate on video games or YouTube for hours? Your child can have this same focused attention in class, with techniques that your child learns helping them redirect their attention back to class when they are feeling distracted.


If I could travel back in time, I would adapt this one rule from babyhood upward: the when and then. WHEN you have put your dishes in the dishwasher, THEN you may have dessert. WHEN you have completed your homework fully and completely to the point that you are proud to turn it in, THEN you may have computer time.

I use this method with my own kids, usually in the form of WHEN you have cleaned your bathroom, THEN I will drive you to the mall.

Positive Behavior

Hypnosis is a tool to help kids use their imagination to learn:⠀

  • self regulation⠀

  • focused attention ⠀

  • delayed gratification⠀

  • problem solving strategies ⠀

  • modulate thinking, emotions, and behavior ⠀

Kids have enormous potential for creative problem solving. Hypnotherapy sessions along with emotional freedom technique can help your child learn to tap into this potential and create their own solutions for everything from friendship issues to behavior problems at school.

Learning From Mistakes

My 4th grader had a quiz come home from school. The teacher had written "silly mistake" on one of the problems. ⠀

Maybe it was a silly mistake, I don't know. Math was never my best subject and I barely understoodd his worksheet....but then again, I don't believe in "silly mistakes." I don't believe in "dumb mistakes." I believe that the only real mistake we can make is not learning and growing through that mistake. ⠀

Every challenge we encounter brings us closer to our goal. Hypnotherapy can help your child (and you!) choose to see your "failures" as just more information. Don't give up...just adjust. ⠀

Kids and teens are under a lot of stress these days! ⠀

Whether it's for school work, sports, performance anxiety, or help with study skills, children really enjoy hypnosis. And because during the hypnosis portion of the session the child isn't usually speaking, they sometimes enjoy it much more that traditional talk therapy.

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