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Whole-listic Solution


Integrative, Holistic, Functional and Collaborative Health Care Model


Membership medicine is the future of healthcare. An annual membership with Functional Medicine of Idaho allows you to receive the highest quality of functional medicine at an affordable price.

Join GHHC and start treating your

anxiety, joint pain, autism, ADHD, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, hormones, migraines, exhaustion, gut issues, insomnia, heart disease...

Benefits of The Whole-Listic Solution

  • Membership is a key foundation of Integrative and Functional Medicine care. It allows the provider to spend the appropriate amount of time and expertise to get to the root cause of your health concerns. Allowing you to get the ultimate return on your investment- your health back.

  • Patients get to spend more time with their providers.

  • Patients are able to see all of the included services that guarantee the standard of care and time that will be spent with them.

  • Patients receive high quality functional medicine healthcare without having to worry or fight with their insurance company over reimbursements or access to care.

  • No surprise balances and zero copays.

  • The membership model allows patients to have built in accountability to better guarantee success in their health goals.

  • Patients can use their FSA and HSA cards to pay for their membership, and many members get reimbursed after they submit the bills to their insurance provider as out-of-network medical care.

  • Access to highly trained providers that are trained beyond their conventional medicine training. Dr. Stéphane hold a Ph.D. and Doctor in Integrative Medicine along with numerous degrees which make him and his team highly qualified to oversee all facets of the whole-pictures of your health.

  • You will receive a personalized health plan based on your lifestyle, diet, stressors, environment and genetics to help you get your health back in control.

  • Unlimited Email supports

  • Use of advanced lab and holistic testing to address lifestyle and inherited factors

  • Genetics / genomics, environment and lifestyle testing (lab cost is separate and often covered by insurance)

  • Tech-driven wellness tools

Coming Soon

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