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The subconscious mind is really made of three components: the primitive area, the modern memory area, and the critical area. The primitive area is in place from birth and contains the fight or flight response. This area of the mind only has one job: keeping you safe.


Hypnosis has been used for centuries as pain control during surgical procedures and in chronic pain conditions. Today its use expands beyond just relief from pain to many other uses. There is, however, much controversy over the use of hypnosis in the medical world, even though repeated laboratory studies have shown hypnosis to be a valid and useful treatment.


As you will discover in this book, hypnosis is a powerful treatment that can be used to help treat many common problems such as smoking addiction, overeating, and other eating disorders, phobias, and more. Treating these personal issues can help people live more meaningful and enjoyable lives.


Many people have something in their lives they would like to change.  Hypnosis might be the answer. Perhaps hypnosis can help you overcome a challenging part of your life that you have been struggling with for years.  It i