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Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for increasing comfort during childbirth. This audio series will focus on teaching you techniques for full body hypno anesthesia, hypno epidural, self care, and building your confidence about labor and childbirth. You'll also learn techniques for pain management, relaxation, and increasing your confidence for the birth you desire. 
For best results, listen to the recordings in sequence. Use the first session for one week, the second session the following week, and so on. Once you've listened to all four sessions you can go back to your favorite audios. You can also use the recordings during labor! 
Did you know....
  • Those who use hypnosis require significantly less pain medication and anesthesia, and report less pain, nausea, and fatigue after surgery
  • Hypnosis has been shown to reduce the first and second stage of labor
Joyous Labor and Childbirth Part One 
Release fears and old ideas and beliefs about childbirth. Begin the process of learning hypno anesthesia for comfortable labor and childbirth. 
Joyous Labor and Childbirth Part Two 
Continue the process of using your powerful mind to create full body comfort as well as learning to use the "hypno-epidural" in self hypnosis 
Joyous Labor and Childbirth Part Three 
Learn how to relax more and more with each contraction as you massage your baby into the world. 
Joyous Labor and Childbirth Part Four 
See yourself as a woman who can use her mind to achieve a deep state of relaxation and comfort in order to have the most comfortable labor possible for you. 
*BONUS* In case of c-section script 
There's no wrong way to be born! If you and your medical team decide that a c-section is right for you, use this audio at the time of the procedure - and only at the time of the procedure - to improve your comfort level and speed your recovery. 



Joyous Labor and Childbirth Bundle

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