Create a happier life

February 27, 2020


Choosing happiness is sometimes easier said than done. It's just as easy to reach for a positive thought as a negative thought, but it can feel much more difficult. Worrying is not just taxing on the mind but also on the body. Worry increases stress, and stress can cause elevated blood pressure, depressed immune system, tension headaches or migraines, sleep problems, and worsening of skin conditions such as eczema. 


When we worry, we are literally "borrowing trouble" as well as negatively impacting our health. But how do we stop worrying? ⠀

To drag yourself out of a low rut, try one of these:⠀

Get out for some fresh air and sunshine ⠀

Take a hot bath ⠀

Take some long, deep breaths ⠀

Listen to some happy music that you love ⠀

List some things that you're grateful for⠀

You just may find that you're feeling much more positive. ⠀


Using guided imagery meditation directs the imagination to help relax your mind and body. Using positive mental images, you can influence the way you feel and increase your coping skills, which creates improvement in all areas of your life. 

The state of hypnosis is a creative way to incorporate these positive images into your mind and create more relaxation in the body. 


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