Introduction to Iridology

November 16, 2017



Welcome to the first installment in our Introduction to Iridology videos. Iridology is the study of the iris, the colored part of our eyes, in which we can see the health of every part of the body from analysing the eyes. Iridology is very beneficial because it is giving us a deep tissue reading, where we are getting a picture of your health from birth to present. It is a very  easy and non invasive way to find out exactly where in your body are the areas more stronger or weaker. We can then use this information to know where and how to pinpoint the areas or organs that we want to address first in your healing process. It takes out much guesswork in terms of knowing where to go with the first step of your healing journey. We can also see genetic weaknesses, so it is an excellent tool to use with kids as well.


In this video I will be talking about the basics of Iridology, what it is and how it works. I will go over a few of the basic signs we can see from looking at your iris, and how Iridology is beneficial for all.  My next video in this series I will be going over a specific area of the body and showing exactly what we can see if we are specifically looking at one organ. 




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