Getting the most Bang for your Bite! A Nutrient-PACKED recipe collection

GELatin Jigglers!

Nope, I didn’t misspell Bill Cosby’s favorite Jello treat laced with artificial colors and flavors (that actually has a WARNING label plastered on the package in Europe!). I’m talkin’ about a real deal, healing gelatin dessert loaded to the brim with beneficial nutrients, inspired by the traditional diets of our ancestors. I’m telling you, those people knew what was going on…and it did not include Red #40.

When Dr. Weston A. Price explored the world studying primitive cultures that lived and thrived off traditional methods, one of the (many) things he found that they had in common that attributed to their remarkable health (un-touched by modern food or medicine), was they way they utilized every part of the animals they ate. All traditional cultures consumed the entire animal – the skin, muscle meat, organs, bones, and fat. They instinctively knew the nutritional benefit that came from every portion of the animal and didn’t want to waste any of it. Fortunately, people are becoming more aware and educated about these traditions that we have lost over the years, and there are many resources you can find to help you incorporate the whole animal into your diet.

If a big bowl of chicken feet stew doesn’t appeal to you, luckily, there are 2 different products available to help you get the benefits of this special animal protein – Collagen Hydrolysate and Gelatin. It is important for you to do some research before implementing one or both of these into your diet, because they have different features that need to be considered based on your specific needs. I will include some helpful reading at the end of the recipe to get ya goin’ on the right track. Before I learned about Dr. Price’s studies and findings, I was already incorporating Gelatin and Collagen into my diet after learning about all of these amazing benefits:

* Support for my skin, hair, and nails

* Bone + Joint health

* Digestive repair

* Bioavailable source of protein

* And off the record…it’s been said to help with cellulite, ladies!!

There are so many creative ways you can incorporate a Collagen or Gelatin supplement into your diet. Vital Proteins (call our office to get one at 571-248-0695), one of the brands you will see in the recipe, has an amazing collection of recipe ideas here:

These Gelatin Jigglers I’m sharing with you today was my first attempt at adding Gelatin to my diet and it’s still one of my favs, so here ya go…


1 cup fruit or fruit combination of your choice

6 tablespoons Beef Gelatin

1 tbsp Raw Honey or Organic Maple Syrup (optional)

For this go ‘round, I chose organic blueberries with a touch of lemon juice and opted out from the sweetener, since the blueberries were pretty sweet on their own.

Here are a couple of good options for Beef Gelatin: Vital Proteins and Great Lakes.