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Meet Richard

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Richard Fercovic, LMT and certified Reiki Master/Teacher, has 6 years of experience in alternative health. After completing the Reiki Master program he visited the GHHC to continue growing in his energy medicine practice. He is well verse in energy medicine including the Solaris energy modality. 

After this, Richard felt that he needed to incorporate his knowledge of energy medicine with physical body work. 

In 2017, Richard graduated from the Cayce/Reilly school of massage (of the Association of Research and Enlightenment, Edgar Cayce's hospital and learning center), where he was trained in Neuromuscular Release and Myofascial Release Techniques. Compiled within the muscles of his hands are a combination of high level techniques used restore the musculoskeletal system of the body. 

He has had experience treating specific ailments such as Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Trigger Finger, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lower back pain, and Migraines. Decreasing inflammation around joints affected by arthritis. As well as aiding to restore the range of motion in clients who have suffered injury through accidents or sports. Richard is passionate about his ability to listen, analyze, and aid the client in restoring them to their best health.

Utilizing Neuromuscular and Jin Shin Do (acupressure) techniques, Richard relaxes the sympathetic nervous system so that the soft tissue can become malleable. This means he disguises deep restorative work with relaxation techniques to allow for knots and tension to be released from the muscles and connective tissue. Knots and tension within the body are provided by stress, repetitive movement or posture habits, and injury. When the knot begins to form, other muscles within the kinetic chain begin to overcompensate to help the original knot. This then creates a butterfly effect all over the body. A knot within the chest may create a knot between the shoulder blades which then pulls tension on the neck, resulting in a migraine. By relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, the body allows for the releasing of each knot/trigger point with less resistance (less discomfort). Richard has found this approach to be most beneficial because it minimizes the sensation of deep massage and trigger point therapy while providing all of the benefits of Myofascial and Neuromuscular Release. 

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