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"Licensed Spiritual Healer by the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards"

It is instructive to consider that the word “health” in English is based on an Anglo-Saxon word  “hale” meaning “whole”: that is, to be healthy is to be whole. This is equivalent of the Hebrew “shalem.” Likewise, the English ” holy” is based on the same root as “whole.” All this indicates that wo(man) has sensed always that wholeness is an absolute necessity to make life worth living.


There is universal agreement in the scientific and medical communities that human beings are energetic, meaning that they have an electric charge. This electric charge has been measured by physicians for decades to diagnose disease, whether by measuring electric energy in the heart (EKG), brain (EEG) or the nerves in other parts of the body (EMG).


Einstein and intelligence are synonymous and his infamous equation (E = MC2) provides the foundation for all of Energy Medicine and its precise science. The equation validates that Energy = Mass * Speed of Light squared, which means that energy and mass are both interchangeable. This is why Energy treatments can enhance your body’s physical well-being. In fact Einstein proved that gravity was a mere energy field and it applies directly to all human beings, without exclusions.


Quantum physics denotes energy can exist as either solid matter or as non-solid matter, such as a beam of light. Radio waves, microwaves, infra-red waves and X-rays are all forms of pure non-solid Energy. Energy is all around us, everywhere in all different wavelengths and frequencies. Technology is changing the way that life revolves around us but the purest form of life is still relevant in the form of energy. Gregg Braden is a scientist that has merged both the Eastern and Western techniques of healing. He reveals in his YouTube video evidence of a bladder tumor being treated within 2.5 minutes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-J7cnUV28Q. 


Everyday our bodies are being hit with these Energies from many different sources. We don’t see it but we know it is there. When we speak, our voice saying words has released sound waves of Energy causing ripples in the air around us. When we think, our brains release wavelengths of Energy. Things don’t just affect us physically; we are affected on all levels. 


Throughout our lives we pick up negative forms of Energy, such as Fear, Doubt, Anger, Judgment, Criticism, Blame and others. Any techniques we find that enable us to let go of these patterns will help to move us toward peace, happiness and ultimately health.


There are many ways to balance your Energy. One approach is to become the most complete and loving being you can be. The loving Energy will naturally dissolve the parts of you that are keeping you unbalanced. However, in this day and age with “stress” being our middle names, it is easier said than done.


Emotions often take the form of energy and can be stored throughout the body and eventually lead to dis-eases.  When you are feeling negative emotions it is important not to ignore them so that they will be stored in your body.  They need to be expressed productively and allowed to leave your body. Other types of misplaced energy could be the energy left behind from an injury or an organ transplant.

Another way of balancing your Energy is through recognizing the problem and then surrendering by letting go of trying to control how your life should be and allowing experiences (good and bad) to unfold. Every person put in our path and every experience is there to help us grow and become wiser. As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” Life is happening for us not to us, but most people find this concept foreign and hard to grasp.

At GHHC, a trained Energy practitioner will work with you to help re-balance your Energy, to accelerate your healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and to bring back a fully energized and care-free spirit. This is our proprietary healing method that sets us apart from the industry standards.


The brain is the body's organ responsible for the physical manifestation of excessive stress, negative thinking, negative self-talk, exaggeration, destructive judgment, victim mentality, fear and depression.  At the same time, when properly used, the brain enables us to experience positivity, love, spirituality, creativity and ingenuity. Indeed, you may not realize that, right now, you are in possession of and are using the most powerful supercomputer in existence--far more powerful than all of the computers in the world combined. 


We take great care of all the other body's organs, muscles, bones, ligaments and skin.  Remarkably, we neglect the very organ that is responsible for dealing with our emotions, feelings, thoughts and our physical well-being.  This also explains the failure of traditional, healing methods when applied to behavior correction--some produce short term improvement, but the destructive behavior resurfaces in some other form because the root cause is not properly addressed. At GHHC we do not merely treat symptoms but focus on the root trigger of your dis-ease.  


Indeed some say that the brain is the organ responsible for enabling us to shape the very course of our lifestyle. As Tony Robbin’s reminds everyone, you can choose to live or “live life with passion.” We invite you to experience what life has to offer and truly free yourself and become empowered with vitality and health.


All energy healing are compensated through your generous donations when performed by Dr. Stéphane.  The suggested donation that is requested in exchange for your personal session is not payment for the service, but rather an offering of gratitude intended to balance the energies of giving and receiving. All donations are tax deductible and will be an act of kindness that will continue giving back to the community of children.


Dr Stéphane Provencher is candidate for his Energy Healing and Spiritual Development PhD. Below is a list of his classes, certificates, certifications and self learning topics and what he offer aside form Chiropractic (Energy Healing System or Modalities):


  • STO Energy System

  • Solaris Healing (Level 1-3)

  • Access BARS (R)

  • Natural Force Healing System

  • Self-thought Yuen Method energy healing

  • Self-thought Master John Douglas energy healing

  • Ajna Activation Healing System

  • Allowing Abundance Healing

  • Shamanic System (Ama Deus,

  • Reiki (Usui, Kundalini, Ahara, Ascension, Seichim, Aurora, Buddha Bliss, Celestial, Ma’Heo’O, Spirit, Tibetian Soul, Starlight, Psychic)

  • Amara Omni Energy Healing

  • Ancient Egyptian Energy Modalities

  • Angel Lightworker Energy System

  • Angel Stone Energy Healing

  • Angelic Empowerments Healing System

  • Animal Medicine Empowerment Healing System

  • Animal Path Energy System

  • Aphrodite Beauty Ray Energy Healing

  • Archangel Michael Energy Healing

  • Archangelic Flames Energy Healing

  • Ascended Masters Energy System

  • Athena Wisdom Ray Energy Healing

  • Avalonian Alignment Energy System

  • Blue Lotus Healing System

  • Blue Star Celestial Healign System

  • Celestial Encodings Healign System

  • Ceremonial White Magic Healing Modalities

  • Cerridwen Empowerment Healing System

  • Chakra Healing System

  • Crystal Deva Healing

  • Crystal Rose Healing

  • Deities Healing System

  • DNA Healing

  • Etheric Crystal Healing

  • 5th Dimensional Vibrational Healing Modality

  • Eye of the Universe Healing

  • Fairy LightWorker Healing System

  • Flame of Universal Love Healing

  • Full Abundance Energy System

  • Goddess Rhiannon Fertility Healing

  • Gold Star Christ Healing Modality

  • Golden Ray Healing

  • Golden Triangle Healing

  • Inana Mother Ray Energy System

  • Indigo Light Healign Modality

  • Inner Eye Intuition and Enorasis Energy System

  • Kali Ma New Moon System

  • Karuna Ki Healing Modality

  • Knights of ArchAngel Michael Energy Modality

  • Lemurian Energy Systems (Facilitator, Light, New Energy and more)

  • Lightarian Institue Ray Program

  • Lightarian Institute Clearing Program

  • Lightarian Institute AngelLinks Program

  • Lightarian Institute Purification Rings Program

  • Lightarian Institute Ascension Bands

  • LightWorker Medicine Wheel Energy System

  • LightWorker Animal Healign Energy

  • LightWorker Archangelic Links Energy System

  • LightWorker Ocean Mother Full Moon System

  • LightWorker Spiritual & Starseed System

  • Magickal Crystal LightWorker System

  • Magickal Lightworker Energy System

  • Mahatma Ascension & Enlightenment Energy Healing System

  • Meridian Flush Energy System

  • Midori Empowerment System

  • Nature Deva & Fairies Energy Modalities

  • New Energies of St Germain Energy

  • Planet Energy System

  • Pleiadian Healing energy System and Modalities

  • Protection Energy Systems

  • Psychic Energy Systems

  • Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame Energy System

  • Rose Aura Link Energy

  • Seed Crystals Energy

  • Shamballa Multidimensional Energy System

  • Shield Archangel Michael Energy

  • Silver Violet Flame Energy

  • Solar and Lunar Light Healign System

  • Solar Goddess Radiance Energy

  • St Germain Energy System

  • Star of Avalon Ascension Connections Energy System

  • Telepathy Empowerment System

  • The Wheel of Love Healing energy

  • Universal rays Energy System

  • Violet Flame Healing Energy

  • White Tara Energy System

  • Whitelight Self Empowerment System

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